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The beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Artificially-intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. Previous…


The future of ray tracing.

In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the…


Auto self-repairing fabrics are here.

You don’t need a pair of epic mutton chops to feel like Wolverine anymore, now that a clothing company out of Washington state has come out with a…


How to turn your arm into a laser cannon.

Anyone who’s ever played any of Nintendo’s Metroid games has only wanted to know one thing—how can I turn my arm into a laser cannon? Series protagonist and…


New advances in haptic technology. HaptX’s new glove.

HaptX is a multidisciplinary team of engineers based in San Luis Obispo, CA and Seattle, WA that builds advanced haptic technology. Their first product, HaptX Gloves, brings touch…


Nootropics: Are they the steroids of e-sports?

Nootropics, or smart drugs, were once the domain of a select few biohackers willing to experiment with compounds in the hopes of boosting their brains. But Nootropics are…


Lexus hoverboard: Another sci-fi movie gadget becomes reality.

SLIDE, is a hoverboard that appears to not just live up to our Back to the Future II dreams but, at least stylistically, improve on them. Better yet,…


Google’s Deep Dream: An algorithmic ‘paint brush’ that raises the oldest question in art.

If art is what makes us human, how come Google’s bots can do it too? DeepDream is a computer vision program created by Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev which…


8 Virtual Reality milestones that took it from sci-fi to your living room.

Until fairly recently, the dream of donning a headset and dropping into a virtual world belonged purely in the realms of science fiction, like Star Trek‘s Holodeck or…


‘Eyewire’ turns mapping the brain into a video game.

EyeWire is a game where you map the 3D structure of neurons. By playing EyeWire, you help map the retinal connectome and contribute to the neuroscience research conducted…


Japanese researchers develop ultra-thin, highly elastic skin display.

A new ultra-thin, elastic display that fits snugly on the skin can show the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram recorded by a breathable, on-skin electrode sensor. Combined with…


DIY Biohacking has already started.

Josiah Zayner is a biohacker and scientist best known for his crowdfunded campaign to provide genetic engineering CRISPR kits to the general public. Do-it-yourself biology is a growing…


Chengdu Street. A Photorealistic City Street for AI Training

Chengdu street is the latest VR project by the largest chinese virtual reality technology company. Recently, the team’s impressive work re-creating a photorealistic interactive 440 meter stretch of…


The Digital Ruins of a Forgotten Future

Second Life was supposed to be the future of the internet, but then Facebook came along. Yet many people still spend hours each day inhabiting this virtual realm….


The Tesseract. A journey through the 4th dimension of space.

The tesseract is the four-dimensional analog of the cube and it is to the cube as the cube is to the square. Just as the surface of the…


Light Magic. A Light In Chorus.

Solidify and evaporate space to form new paths through a series of overlapped worlds. Redefine your environment and uncover the secret lives of restless animals as they slowly…

Street Eraser


RIOT. Where all rights are lost.

RIOT is a riot simulator based on real events that have been influencing the western civilization in the past few years. RIOT includes 4 main campaigns set in:…


Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima’s upcoming masterpiece.

No words needed. Just watch the trailer in full HD.


The girl who was plugged in. Interactive literature.

Sensory fiction is about new ways of experiencing and creating stories. Traditionally, fiction creates and induces emotions and empathy through words and images. By using a combination of…


Virtual Reality accounting can be fun…or not?

The modern field of Accountancy is a serious and honorable profession. Many human beings have spent their lives toiling over the hard science of numbers. Thousands have died…


Howard Lee’s magic skills.

Howard Lee is an artist that can play with your reality perception. In his channel he  shows how to create hyperrealist detail and mix media such as Prismacolor,…


The flying lights of Brooklyn.

At twilight at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Duke Riley released thousands of birds with LED lights strapped to their legs, illuminating the sky in a choreographed flight pattern….


Forpheus. A friendly, least-threatening AI ping pong player.

Forpheus is a ping-pong playing robot that uses AI to judge its opponent’s skill level and adjusts its own playing level to match it. It flashes inspiring messages…


High Tech Run.

These mechanical hi tech running shoes are the only sports shoes that give 100% shock absorption to runners, protecting joints and preventing future injuries . They are the…


The ultimate paper airplane.

For more than 10 years, designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been building an incredibly detailed model of a Boeing 777, right down to the tiny seats and moving landing…


Vufine+ is a new wearable display.

Vufine+ is a high definition, wearable display that seamlessly integrates with any technology, truly unlocking its full potential. Whether for your smartphone, laptop or drone, Vufine+ connects via…


Interactive ads. Advertisement in the digital era.

This is the world’s first stand alone outdoor playable poster. The posters were displayed in cities around New Zealand, allowing the public to directly interact with them and…


Robot pets are here.

Sony’s iconic robotic dog Aibo can now dance, find a bone and recognize people in your family. The revamped version of the robotic dog, which Sony first launched…


Playing the Architect: Why Video Games and Architecture Need Each Other

As game designers turn to architects to develop their worlds, the suprisingly historic relationship between architecture and computer games is thrown into relief, full of unexplored potential. Read…


A View from Above: Exploratory Visualizations of MoMA Photography Collection

Radial visualization of 18,941 photographs in the MoMA photography collection. Dates: 1837 – 2012. The distance of a image h from the center is determined by its year…


3D design in the new era. 3 tools that reform the field of modelling.

Recent advancements in 3D design and virtual reality led to the development of new tools that reshape the field of modelling. Easy and convenient to use, these tools…


NieR Automata. One of the best games of 2017.

Nier: Automata shares the post-apocalyptic setting of the original Nier, taking place after the game’s fourth ending. Set in the year 11945 AD, the story revolves around a…


Snake Pass. The evolution of a classic arcade game.

Snake Pass is a physical action-puzzle game that sees the players slither, curl and climb their way through increasingly challenging worlds filled with evermore intricate obstacles and fiendishly…


Enter the VOID. A phygital space for gaming.

THE VOID is a whole-body, fully immersive VR experience. At THE VOID you will walk into new dimensions and experience worlds without limits. From fighting intergalactic wars on…


The Birdly. A VR flying bird simulator.

With your arms spread wide, an Oculus on your face, and headphones on your ears, you find yourself soaring over the city’s downtown, flapping your wings to gain…


Destroy Alzheimer’s disease by playing this video game

By piloting a laser spaceship, “Cascade” invites you to defend a brain from Alzheimer’s-causing proteins. In Cascade, players take control over a green spaceship tasked with defending large,…


Crazy Custom Game Controllers

Gotland Game’s most wacky custom controllers


B.U.T.T.O.N. A physical party game

Race to your controller through physical space, and do whatever it takes to win (or to avoid losing). Act like a monkey, jump up and down, wrestle over…


Keiichi Matsuda predicts that Architects could become closer to game designers or filmmakers.

Architecture education is failing to understand how technology is changing our cities says Keiichi Matsuda, who foresees that the profession will split into two parts thanks to digital…

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