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First NFT digital house in the world

“Toronto-based artist Krista Kim has sold the first NFT-backed digital home for over half a million dollars, as interest in virtual design continues to grow”. Read more

The Deleted City 3.0

The Deleted City is a digital archaeology of the world wide web as it exploded into the 21st century. Visit:

A tour of Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most anticipated videogame of 2020. Not just because of its vast size of exploration and rich history characters but particularly because the “design and…

3 Years and 6 Months of Digital Decay

A website with an algorithm that affects the uploaded video in real-time | CD-Rs by Shinji Toya. Read more here.

Digital Dark Ages

Digital Dark Ages: Speculations on Digital Decay by Patrizia Costantin. ‘The world is suffering from a dark and silent phenomenon known as ‘digital decay’ – anything stored in…

won’t you

A computational poem. Visit Increment.

Get involved! An Interactive History of Creative Coding

Spoiler — this is not a sprawling timeline article about the history of this field. It’s a writeup meant to spur discussion about why there isn’t one yet and whether…

Moving Images – Static Spaces: Architectures, Art, Media, Film, Digital Art and Design

Context: The relationship between architecture, urban environments and the moving image is deep rooted. It is also mutating. Born in the City Symphony films of the early 20th it…

‘Connected’ – A Dystopian Short Film

  Everyone, you, me, the world's most famous sex symbol, eventually has to confront the fact that they're getting old. In 2016, we have to do it with a…

Assassins Creed 2 – Architects deal with Video Games

What would you say is your takeaway from this experience? How has your way of seeing video games changed? […Personally, I learned a lot, not only about history…

The Bridge. An Escher-like game like no other

The Bridge is an indie video game designed by Ty Taylor and it was released on February 22, 2013, via Steam. In the Bridge, the player controls the character and the rotation…

Breaking Wave. Kinetic Sculpture.

Breaking Wave is an anamorphic kinetic sculpture created for Biogen-Idec’s new headquarters in Cambridge, MA by Plebian Design and Hypersonic.


This hypercube is a concentric cubic sculpture illuminated with a 120 metre addressable LED array. It’s minimalistic structure is designed to elicit a sense of strength, balance and…


MGNTRN (pronounced [MAGNOTRON]), Romain Tardy’s latest project, is an immersive, largescale audiovisual installation mixing projection mapping, physical laser-cut structures used as a projection canvas, and various types of…

MUSIC + ARTS @ Barcelona.

An international showcase of new trends in music, art and digital culture. 21 Oct – 13 Dec 2014 Mobile World Centre

Takeshi Murata – Melter 3-D

The Waterfall Swing

How the Waterfall Swing Works: Water recirculates through 273 independently controlled solenoid valves at the top of the structure to create a wall of water. This water starts…

Unnamed Soundsculpture.

Project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer. The basic idea of the project is built upon the consideration of creating a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data…

eBoy – The 8-bit revolution

The story of a company that revolutionized art. Full article:

Incredible Light Art | Kinetica Art Fair 2013

A 5,000-pixel shimmering LED sphere, illuminated sculptures built from fluorescent fishing line, sound-reactive glowing fashion, and a projection-mapped “fallen star” sculpture are just a few examples of the…

Turning dunes into architecture.

Magnus Larsson hopes to build new structures in the desert — by using bacteria to turn shifting sand into a solid mass. Link

Paola Antonelli – TED Talk

When the Museum of Modern Art’s senior curator of architecture and design announced the acquisition of 14 video games in 2012, “all hell broke loose.” In this far-ranging,…

Exodus, or the voluntary prisoners of architecture.

“Rem Koolhaas‘ 1972 Architectural Association thesis (together with Madelon Vreisendorp, Elia Zenghelis, and Zoe Zenghelis). Like in West Berlin at the time, the Wall becomes here a condition…

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