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Videogames: Transformative experiences of urban landscapes

Professor Spiros Papadopoulos, Chairman of the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly is going to open “Translogue events” presenting the lecture “Videogames: Transformative experiences of urban landscapes”. More info


Architecture and videogames

NARRATIVES + SPATIAL PERRESENTATIONS The main aim of the studio is to explore the spatial characteristics of video games. Video games are a powerful technological tool that nowadays…

Narraciones Urbanas

DEL CINE EXPERIMENTAL A LOS VIDEOJUEGOS CONTEMPORÁNEOS El punto de partida de este seminario lo constituye la comprobación de que la imagen de la ciudad, tal como aparece…

Video Acción



Urban Fronts of Mexico City



In the forest

THE CONDITIONS OF HABITANCE  The main aim of the studio is to encourage a holistic perception of architectural design and at the same time, express individual answers to…

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