Videogames have long been the home of procedurally generated landscapes where numbers and mathematical equations played the role of the visual designer. Subversion is a planned game from Introversion Software, a company that was founded in 2001 by three friends, Chris Delay, Mark Morris and Thomas Arundel. The intention and the real challenge for the developers was to make a generator capable of building a model city, complete with buildings, roads and highways. The player takes on the role of a criminal mastermind orchestrating a theft from a secured building using sabotage,social engineering and grifting, custom electrical and mechanical devices, distractions, stealth and whatever else get the job done.

On October 17, 2011 Introversion posted on their blog that the game has been put on hold as they had lost the focus of the gameplay which made them decide to concetrate their efforts on developing a new game. Subversion however is not canceled, and they'll return to it once they'll "rethink'' it from top to bottom.

This kind of efforts, in the procedurally generated cities, make us think that the future cities may be familiar to us, as we are able to look at them through such software. On the other hand, the future of this software is depending on how easy we can identify the key equation that defines urban patterns to simulate cities and guarantee their future existence.