Turkish photographer and digital artist Aydın Büyüktaş turns the streets of Istanbul upside down in these warped cityscapes that appear to curve infinitely upward and outward toward the skies. The artist says his true inspiration is taken from the 1884 satirical novella Flatland.


‘we live in places that most of the times don’t draw our attention, places that transform our memories, places that the artist gives another dimension; where the perceptions that generally crosses our minds will be demolished and new ones will arise,’ büyüktaş says. ‘these works aims to leave the viewer alone with a surprising visuality ironic as well,multidimensional romantic point of view.’


source: http://www.designboom.com/art/aydin-buyuktas-flatland-digital-landscapes-01-22-2016/ (more pics)

Aydın Büyüktaş Instagram

* Flatland [A Romance of Many Dimensions] is an 1884 satirical novella by the English schoolmaster Edwin Abbott Abbott.

wiki:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatland